We are two normal guys: Adam and Josh. And our history, for the most part, is pretty ordinary too.

We know what you did last summer. In case you don’t know what we did, we founded a swimwear company called Granadilla. We digitally print original designs on raw white quick-dry fabric. Next step: we whip up a killer pair of limited edition men’s swimwear. Designed and made in South Africa.

We are passionate about South Africa. Passionate about the many cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities that exist here. Passionate about the beautiful beaches, oceans and mountains.We are also aware of the privilege of our opportunities. Aware that defining South Africa by its beaches and oceans conveys exactly how privileged we are.

So we don’t just make swimwear. We are not just made in South Africa.

We are made by South Africa.



We aim to manufacture a world-class pair of swim trunks made by South Africans, in South Africa. We will ensure that in the process of making our products; we empower, enable and uplift young South African entrepreneurs and creatives.

It is our mission to let our products and designs embody the environment in which they are created, and to make a meaningful contribution to building and reinvigorating the South African economy.