Granadilla Giving

Our Story

The Cape Town ice-cream sellers are legendary.

They are the reason this brand exists.

Ever since we can remember, the rattle of “a LOLLY to make you JOLLY, JIVE to stay ALIVE” has been part of what makes Cape Town so quintessentially Cape Town.

For those of you who are not locals, let us explain this all a bit better.

When you come down to one of Cape Town’s poster beaches, Clifton, you can expect to hear a sequence of brilliantly curated one-liners from the local ice cream sellers. These guys are not just entrepreneur extraordinaires, they are lyrical geniuses - and they are guys you buy your ice creams from on a hot summer day.

They embody so much of that Cape Town is to us.

So without trying to undermine their business model, we attempted to direct it and come up with a few efficiencies to help make their days a little easier.

This is our way of giving back: we call it a hand-up, not a hand-out.

We found out that these guys all travel separately to the beach everyday from some distance away. The obvious efficiency would be to create a lift scheme for them.

We partnered up with one of the guys who already had a big enough van to transport eight of the guys to the beach each day. With a little R&M to his truck we got the lift scheme going - each seller contributing only a fraction of what they were previously spending on gas.

We also decided that these dudes needed to be unified, and so we developed the Clifton Edition Shorts especially for them.

We owe so much of our passion and inspiration to the sellers and as such, we have committed to working with them in the future on many more activations and ventures to make our product authentic and to just make their lives just a little bit easier!

We salute you!