The Range

Like most of our products at Granadilla, they all have a story. This jumper is particularly close to home. Inspired by the Dad Jumper; the one that's been handed down, stolen, given back, borrowed on a chilly summer evening.

The one that's starting to fray on the edges, whose colour has faded but fits everyone and feels like the warmest hug.

The Designs

Like all of our products, we have something for everyone. Our “all-over” print is very bold and colourful, while our embroidered symbol jumper is more sophisticated. Our Granadilla Jumpers come in white, navy and baby blue options.

The Details

Designed with our own father's jumpers in mind, we have created the perfect after swim jumper. Made from 100% cotton, with a loose fit and our iconic Lolly emblem.




Ladies Mesh


One Pieces

Mid-Length Originals