Granadilla Swimming Academy

Despite 2,000 kilometres of gorgeous coastline and a string of Olympic swimmers, only 15 percent of South Africans can swim.

For those of us that enjoyed the privilege of swimming lessons, it’s easy to overlook just how dangerous the ocean can be. So we created the Granadilla Swimming Academy in partnership with it’s inspirational leader, Arafat Gatabazi. Every Thursday, we meet at a local pool, put on our Granadillas and have a fun time swimming.

We have three intentions for the kids at the Academy:

  1. Survive
  2. Enjoy
  3. Compete

Granadilla Swimming Academy

Initially, the focus is to have our youngest kids swimming confidently. Then, once they’re confident in the pool, we can enjoy watersports like surfing. For the strongest swimmers, our goal is to have them swimming competitively. And our forte, is open water swimming.

Arafat, the Academy leader, was named the 2014 Open Water Swimmer of the Year by the CLDSA. He has completed the 7.5km 10 °C Robben Island Swim several times, and is currently training kids from our Academy to attempt their first.

Knowing how to swim is not only an essential skill, but achieving this goal allows these kids to realize their capabilities. We hope to grow this program and if you’d like to get involved – please get in touch.