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We sincerely apologise for shipping delays.

Over the last two weeks our default courier has experienced significant strikes which has caused shipping delays.

We would appreciate if you could send us an email if you would like a refund, and otherwise please know that we are doing everything we can to get your order to you as fast as possible.

From Granadilla’s side, we always endeavour to pack and ship orders within 1 day of receiving the order, and we have limited control once the goods are handed over to the courier. We are however using multiple couriers, including some of our own drivers, to get orders out as fast as possible and we are hopeful that we will still deliver the majority of outstanding orders by the 24th December.

We apologise sincerely for this experience.

If you are looking for alternative options to online orders, please note that we are also currently stocked in the following stores that will be operating 23rd December and 24th December.

In Johannesburg:
Neyborly - Sandton City Mall
Rosebank - EGG

In Cape Town:
Granadilla - V&A Watershed
EGG - Cavendish

Please send us an email if you have any other questions. We will work through every email, so please send just one email to help us work through it efficiently.