Granadilla X Marlene Steyn

Cape Town Art Fair
16-18 February 2024
Deep She Dive Her

Art on swimwear, a Granadilla ethos explored at the Cape Town Art Fair. Granadilla has wanted to do this collaboration with Marlene Steyn for years. Marlene’s mystical and ocean inspired work adapts seamlessly into swimwear. Her dreamscapes create textiles that keep your eye traveling all over the fabric, discovering new elements and surprises wherever you look. We invite you to explore the boundaries of reality within captivating aquatic settings and appreciate the subtle dance between fantasy and reality.

My Perfect Night

You tell me you like the planets in my eyes and
I become the moon you manifested when you
made me feel like Venus
bodies are swaying
giggling as if we have a secret
tonight we are dolphins

Christi Steyn