Cape Scape Ep.1 Feat: CONTACT HIGH

Cape Scape Ep.1 Feat: CONTACT HIGH

Cape Scape
We've partnered up with some of South Africa's best DJ's to bring you a collection of sets called Cape Scape Curated to teleport you to that feeling of a Cape Town summer, all year round. Turn it up loud and hold on real tight.

Episode 1 is a selection of jubilant sounds from a duo who's love for techno is embedded in their love for one another. Contact High, made up of the married couple Nick & Leila, whose Ode parties brought a driving downtempo sound to the Cape Town electronic music scene. This one hour set is a tribute to 2014 when they first fell in love with electronic music and an uplifting and playful genre known as 'Superhouse'.

Strap in and enjoy.


Suggested listening environment: On a loud sound system at sunset with an ice cold beer or in your headphones while running on the promenade.

BPM: 114-118

Style: 'Superhouse'


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