Cape Scape Ep.2 Feat: La La Londe

Cape Scape Ep.2 Feat: La La Londe

Cape Scape

We've partnered up with some of South Africa's best DJ's & playlsters to bring you a collection of sets and playlists called Cape Scape. Curated to teleport you to that feeling of a Cape Town summer, all year round. Turn it up loud and hold on real tight.

Episode 2 is a selection real groovy, melodic, upbeat tracks by the underground playlister La La Londe. Best known in the DJ scene for her mid-morning West African Pop sets with accompanying fresh lemonade. La La Londe is an unassuming song selector who often needs a little encouragement to share her musical creations. So if everyone could send her a little encouragement in the comments with a few "hell yeahs" or "go Sophie, it's your birthday" that would be great. 

La La Londe's musical taste is as diverse as the selection of ready-to-go meals at the Giovanni's deli counter and as relentlessly delightful as the ladies who serve them. 

This is the kind of playlist you could have blaring in your car on a bright summer day on your way to muizenberg when the wind is offshore and you know you're about to get the ride of your life. Could also be ideal for when things heat up on a friday night after a romantic dinner, and you also know you're about to get the ride of your life ;) 


Suggested listening environment: On the way to Muizenberg, after dinner delight, or even sunset on Friday - getting into the weekend mood with a glass of cold Pinot.

BPM: '98-132' but who's counting

Style: Future Disco, Vocal House, West African Pop 

La La Londe's favourite Granadilla Product: Classic One Piece | Stripes

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    Love your work! Been a huge fan for a few years now.

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