Cape Scape Ep 3. Feat: Daddy Warbucks

Cape Scape Ep 3. Feat: Daddy Warbucks

Cape Scape

We've partnered up with some of South Africa's best DJ's & playlsters to bring you a collection of sets and playlists called Cape Scape. Curated to teleport you to that feeling of a Cape Town summer, all year round. Turn it up loud and hold on real tight.

Episode 3This week’s song selector is none other than Cape Town's favourite summer lover boy: Dylan Heneck, aka Daddy Warbucks, aka Schlumfy Mapuda, aka Dylan Joe, aka State Captcha. Whatever you want to call him, the man's a musical maestro, and every woman's’ steamy dream. 

The playlist is aptly titled "It's all gone Grana-ding-dong" which pays homage to Dyl’s love for young, fresh, spicy tunes. The guy is like a cool crystal pool in the middle of the makgadikgadi pan he brings all the girls to his yard. 

What you may not know about Dyl is that he believes he was the ideator of the Granadilla Briefs or as he likes to call them Grana-Ding-Dongs. He's not totally wrong, he did give us the courage to bring the almighty banana hammock back to the beaches of SA. So, thanks Dyl, we owe you one.

Dyl is currently in New York and kindly made this playlist for us from a swanky hotel in the meatpacking district (no pun intended). So big love from Cape Town Dylio, all your fans are eagerly waiting for your return so you can help us slide right into summer.

Now, without further ado - take a listen to Dyl's spicy playlist of the week, its pure fire. Give him a like and a follow and if you are between the ages of 21-45 young, DM us for his details.


Suggested listening environment: On a date with Dyl.

BPM: Sheesh this one's all over the show. 

Style: Disco, Daddy House, Funk

Dyls favourite Granadilla Product: Briefs | Olive Print


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