Cape Scape Ep 5. Feat: Thor Rixon

Cape Scape Ep 5. Feat: Thor Rixon

Cape Scape

We've partnered up with some of South Africa's best DJ's & playlisters and musicians to bring you a collection of sets and playlists called Cape Scape. Curated to teleport you to that feeling of a Cape Town summer, all year round. Turn it up loud and hold on real tight.

Episode 5. Ladies and gents, boys and girls. Thor Rixon. Nuf said? Course not! For those of you who have not heard of Thor you're in for a treat, and for those of you who are already following this maestro's musical journey you're gonna love this. 

The first time I watched Thor perform live was in 2018 at Wolfkop when he brought a massive ensemble of performers, musicians and dancers to accompany his modular Dj set. To say it was electric would be a massive understatement. It was f**king nuts. It had the kind of energy that made time stand still and for about 90 minutes he had a dancefloor of easily 1000 people losing their marbles. 

I saw him a couple more times after that at various venues around Cape Town, but none quite had the same effect as the full ensemble, that is until I saw his name on a line up for festival in Poland called Garbicz in 2019. It was a last minute decision to fly out, and to be honest I was very ill-prepared for what happened next. The festival was surreal. It had the kind of soft welcoming energy of your granny's hand knitted quilt that's fraying on the edges. When I arrived at Thor's set on a stage named Seebuhne (The Floating Stage) - I was 100% floating. Paired up on stage with Alice Phoebe Lou on ethereal, empowering vocals I watched magic unfold. 

Thor is a rising talent making waves on the Berlin and European scene and we are so proud to have him as a homegrown Cape Town boy! 

This week Thor is kindly put together the grooviest little list of track for a real easy Cape Town summer's day. It's filled everything you could possibly want when you're chilling at home this Sunday.


Suggested listening environment: On the couch on a Sunday afternoon after a hike up Lion's Head. 

BPM: 95-100 

Style: Sunday afternoon flow

Thors Granadilla Product: Helios White Originals


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