Dee Dee Bottom | Springbok / Green

R 699.00


Granadilla is the official swimwear licensee of the Springbok emblem designs in collaboration with SARU.

Introducing the Springbok Dee Dee Bottoms, featuring elegant gold accents. The O-rings and adjustable sliders are beautifully highlighted with a light golden hue. 

The Dee Dee bottoms are double-lined with our 80% nylon and 20% elastane material. Our swimwear is lined with the same outside material for extra secure comfort. 

The Dee Dee Bottoms has minimal bottom coverage. The gold side straps are adjustable so you can style the straps higher or lower.

All swimwear is packaged in a Frosted Granadilla zip-lock bag, which is recyclable after use.



  • Double Lined 

  • Gold binding 

  • Minimal bottom coverage 

  • Adjustable side straps/ styling 



Inner and outer material: 80% nylon, and 20% elastane. 

Trims: Nickel Free